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Does your agency want to fly drones over people?

Did you know the FAA just this week has granted it's second approval to a county law enforcement agency to allow flights over people? Here is how they did it:

FAA Approves Sheriff’s Department for Flights Over People

On August 5, the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department in North Dakota was granted an FAA waiver 107.39 for flights over people. The Sheriff’s Department FAA waiver was for the DJI Mavic 2 that is equipped with the Parazero Safeair parachute system. This system protects people on the ground in the case of a drone flight failure by terminating power to the motors to prevent risk of lacerations or cord entanglement. The system emits an audible alarm to alert bystanders while it deploys a parachute to allow the aircraft and cargo to land safely. The Safeair parachute system not only protect bystanders, but it protects the aircraft and payload from the effects of a crash. As of the time of writing this article, the website claims to have assisted with 13 FAA waivers for flights over people.


Drone Flight Approval During Emergency Situations:

Need to fly after a natural disaster or other emergency situation?

First responders and others organizations responding to natural disasters or other emergency situations may be eligible for expedited approval through our Special Governmental Interest (SGI) process.

Operations that may be considered include:


Search and Rescue

Law Enforcement

Utility or Other Critical Infrastructure Restoration

Incident Awareness and Analysis

Damage Assessments Supporting Disaster Recovery Related Insurance Claims

Media Coverage Providing Crucial Information to the Public

You will need to complete this form.


RESCUED! Drone helps rescue 81 year old with dementia missing for 24 hours

On July 21, 2019, the Fresno Police Department utilized a drone in the search and rescue efforts of an 81 year lady with dementia that had been reported missing about 24 hours before she was located. The drone assisted in the search efforts along the San Joaquin River and was utilized to guide the rescue boat and crew to the lost lady who was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Read more


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