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Professional Drone Pilot

Learn The Material for the FAA Exam

Get Your Drone Pilot License

(FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate)



This Class Covers

  • FAA 14 CFR part 107 Regulations

  • Airspace Classification, Requirements, Flight Restrictions

  • Aviation Weather Reports

  • Effect of Weather on small UAS Performance

  • Small Unmanned Aircraft Loading

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Radio Communications Procedures

  • Determining the Performance of Small Unmanned Aircraft

  • Physiological Factors Affecting Pilot Performance including Drugs & Alcohol

  • Aeronautical Decision Making & Judgement

  • Airport Operations

  • Maintenance & Preflight Inspection Procedures

  • Registering and Marking Small Unmanned Aircraft

  • Sample FAA Test Questions to help in your preparation 

  • Live Q&A with Experienced and Knowledgeable Instructors

  • Sample Checklists, handouts, and study aids to help you pass with flying colors 

All this for $678

This Class Goes Beyond Passing the FAA Exam.

We Share Real-World Procedures, Tools, & Tips.

You Will Learn Best Practices To Avoid Mistakes.


Includes Class Workbook and Pre-Class Reading to Give You a Head Start   

Q&A with our Experienced Drone Pilot Instructor to ensure It is all Crystal Clear. You will even know what to expect at the testing site, what you can bring, what they will let you use. Breathe easy, you will be prepared.  

Checklists you can use right away. We'll help you start safely & FAA compliant from day one.

Learn from your local Aviation Charts, Airspace, and Airport Information to help you get up & flying as quickly as possible and making money.

Live Demos of The Online Tools. We'll Even Show You How to Check Aviation Weather with METARS & TAFS - Check NOTAMS - Find TFRs - Submit for Airspace Authorizations and Operations Waivers - and more. You'll be prepared to take-off straight away.

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