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Hands-On Pilot Flight Training

From Beginner to Advanced Drone Pilots

Contact us today to discuss your specific drone pilot training needs.

We train at your location or ours.  


One Day Intro Hands-On Flight Training:

Software, Controller, & Aircraft Setup

Mission planning, contingencies, & emergencies

Pre-flight routine

Site selection, takeoff, landing, & aircraft operation

Practice key flight maneuvers

Incorporate gimbal and camera control while flying 

Post Flight Routine

Using your drone or rent one of ours.

Two Day Hands-On Flight Training

Includes day one training above

Advanced flight settings
Advanced camera settings 
Mission specific flight planning

Incorporate gimbal and camera control while flying 
Autonomous flight modes

Use your drone or rent one of ours

Additional Flight Training Options:

Night Time Flying 

Construction Progress 

Search & Rescue 


Hands-On Drone Flight Training

One Day Training

Learn from the experts. Full day of hands-on training in the field teaches you what you need to know to operate the bird and become a Pro. This course includes a quick-start guide & checklists.

Hands-On Beginner Flight Training

Add'l Ppl $349

Hands-On Drone Flight Training

Two Day Training

Includes the day one flight training, and builds off of this practice. Day two flight training gives you a deep dive into the best settings for your specific drone missions. This day can save you months of trial and error.  

Hands-On Pilot Flight Training

Add'l ppl $399
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