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Future Drone Pilots

Greenville Technical College and Carolina Drone Academy teamed up to bring a fun and educational Drone Summer Camp to middle school students in the Greenville, SC area. The Drone Summer Camp was a new offering as part of Greenville Technical College’s Adventure Tech that offers culinary and STEM education camps during the summer.

The students learned the basics of flight and exhibited their knowledge by building their own paper airplanes and competing for the longest flight distance. The camp also emphasized the basic safety and drone flying rules to operate drones responsibly in the US national airspace.

Campers displayed their knowledge of the FAA rules by creating and filming their own commercial videos to share and teach drone safety to other students. The camp also included a flight demonstration by a professional drone pilot that allowed the students to pilot a commercial drone themselves to take photos and videos.

The campers unanimously agreed that the highlight of the drone summer camp was building their own drone, learning to fly it, and racing it through the Carolina Drone Academy obstacle course.

Each race, the middle school pilots worked to improve their time from the previous flight. Students were responsible for making sure their drone aircraft was flight worthy, and each pilot

had to follow the safety rules. The various flights through the different obstacle course layouts tested the student’s flight skills and decision making.

Save the Date!

Adventure Tech 2020 will run from June 15 to July 30.

Early-bird registration will begin in February

About Carolina Drone Academy

Carolina Drone Academy specializes in providing premier drone pilot training with in-person drone training courses and hands-on drone pilot flight training across most commercial sectors including the US Military, law enforcement, media and advertising companies, colleges, engineering, construction, and other government agencies. Please visit for the latest course offerings including in-person FAA 107 exam preparation classes, hands-on pilot flight training, advanced drone filming and photography, along with other specialized drone solutions.

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