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Introduction to Drones

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Learn From Experience

Learn how to make money flying Drones

Don't put your family or your business at risk!

Our Pilots & Instructors:

  • Train Military & Law Enforcement

  • Teach Drone Courses at Colleges

  • We Train & Teach Businesses

  • Workshops for Professional Media Photographers

  • Guest Speakers at Drone Conferences

  • Present at Leading Business, Journalism and Law Colleges

Have Filmed for National TV

Filmed NCAA Football & Baseball

Inspect Cell Towers

Film Live Events 

Provide Data Capture for Construction Sites

Filmed Drone Shots for Advertising Videos 

Provided Countless Shots for Real Estate

Provided 360° Footage for Hunting, Timber, and Real Estate 

Interested in being a professional Drone Pilot? 

We will discuss what it takes to prepare for the FAA Exam.

Seating is limited


You will learn:

     How to become a Professional Drone Pilot

     How to get your Drone Pilot License

     What material is on the FAA test


Information Packed Learning

Q&A with our experienced Pilot Instructors & Aviation Experts

Get the answers you need:

     What are the rules?

     Do I have to register my Drone?

     How to get permission to fly near an airport?

     Can I fly at night?

     What apps do I need?

     How old do my children need to be?

     What about insurance?

     Does my homeowners insurance cover me?

     What are the best insurance options?

     What about privacy laws?      


Midlands Technical College January 8, 2019

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